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We are in Palamos. We will make four purchases. At last the boat loaded.

We left at 11:30 with Isábena Palamós, heading 103 ° (in Sardinia), the moment there is no wind, at 13:00 we stopped the engine.

We pulled the curry to see if we caught something.

Magda has prepared Mojitos by all, very good.

We get to know the rest of the crew, because this trip is in the cabin and people do not know is coming. We are 8 in total.

We no longer see land, everything is Tues

Let a few hours sailing, Cool!, What peace.

We saw the sunset, we did a lot fantastic photo.

We split the guard: a pair every two hours. The last guard of 6:00 to 8:00 we Adolf and I, and we have been privileged to see the sun. What a blast!, How beautiful!


People are being awakened, the first Luis, the “capital”, we head wind, we can not sailing.

It calmed the wind, the sea is calm also, we are more than 100 miles from the coast and the sea looks like a pool. Inevitable make a bath.

We “the angelus” which means the vermouth time, essential on board.

After eating Adolf made a 4 hour nap, we all slept for a while, which relax, but he has broken the record, and we were beginning to worry about his health.

We saw dolphins following us for a while, that nice, we have also seen a whale and lots of turtles, beautiful!.

Continuing calm.

We dropped a cushion on the sea, we recover.

Magda returns to prepare Mojitos.

Guard handed out the 2nd night. We passed through the Strait of Alsinara.

Posta de Sol – Sardenya – VelanomadaSunset


We awoke to Castellsardo, Sardinia. Technical stop to put oil and water load.

A group we buy food, we have a super front, another hiking group to see the castle and the elephant.

We eat in Isola Rossa, a bathroom, a few Mojitos, nap, solarium, reading. What stressss!

We sailed up the Reparata Bay where we anchored for sleeping.

Castellsardo – Sardegna – VelanomadaCastellsardo


We passed through the Strait of Bonifacio, we have seen the cardinal sign.

We stopped to make a bath, a dip to stretch your legs, do some snorkeling but comment that there is little wildlife. The beaches are beautiful, there are enough boats.

Angelus and food in Liscia di Cow, we nap, Mojitos and rigor.

This is a natural park, you can not anchor, but left you fund if you pay 20 euros a day, 14 euros if you book before the internet. What nose!

We arrived in Palau, we’re having dinner at the restaurant: Trattoria-Pizzeria del Porticciolo, good wine, good fish, reasonable price. Recommended.

Slept berthed alongside at the pump, a way of not paying mooring but is very difficult to find available.

Eduard, and Jordi Lluis are running, feel the music from the sailboat.


We headed Porto Cervo, we passed the Gulf of Arzachena.

We set the spinnaker, we also atangonat the genoa and sailed with donkey ears, the maneuver of candles has been somewhat complicated, capital giving orders, some working, others doing what we could and others watched and laughed, while immortalized the time, taking photos and filming a show.

Mojitos without fail.

Dining, ummm!, That you have a good cook (Jordi) among the crew is fantastic.

We slept at anchor in Porto Cervo.

Which yachts, super yachts, spectacular!

With xinxorro have gone to town, what stores, what a treat. A group has been walking to Porto Bechio, worthwhile. They’re back with “boat-taxi” to Porto Cervo and Eduard have done to collect the xinxorro.

Porto Cervo – Sardegna – Velanomada


We headed to Olbia.

We anchor in a beach of Isola Tavolara, do a bath, look what clearest water.

Isola Tavolara – Sardegna – Velanomada

Come to the beach with xinxorro, Eduard has been swimming, you must exercise, start the preseason.

Ramón Rosa Mari and want to get to “stall” but should be walking in the water because there are many rocks. Finally arrive, have requested a card to book a table to eat, if the rest of the crew that’s okay. But cone to be put back into the water to return, they have learned the phone number memory.

Booked table and we eat with xinxorro

We return on board, one of Mojitos to dismiss Jordi and Rosa Mari.

We see a huge ship, we went to see it and take pictures, Lluis explains that it is the Russian Abramovich (or as they write).

Only docking, anger because there is a fisherman on the pier and angry.

We arrived at Olbia, Mari Rosa and Jordi landed, the miss.

We know the new crew, Xavi.

A Eduard and I were mosquitoes have eaten, the rest of the crew or a sting.

A Ramon glasses have fallen into the sea, not float, we can not recover.

Berthed alongside sleep near the gas station.

We went out for a drive, all but the Myriam and Ramon, the people are not nice, but there is a central street with many stalls and shops are open until 23:00.

We made a craft beer.

When we got to the boat there are 2 individuals that roam the ship, gives the impression that they intended to enter, Myriam was controlling them, while Ramon slept. Marchan, lucky, have come at the right time.


It was difficult to find the subject of ice (essential for Mojitos) but we did it in a fish.

We sail, we passed Razzoli island, Caprera Island, we anchored, a swim, it is also natural park, and yes, we paid 20 euros to fund. As protect the park to nose with.

When Xavi also likes Mojitos.

We slept at anchor in Cala Garibaldi.


We crossed back Bonifaccio Strait, sailed under sail, the boat I government how nice! Flights to Alghero.

Relax, swim, nap, Mojito, I have no desire to write.

Slept berthed alongside the gas station.

We went to dinner at a restaurant next to the port, but we can only eat pizza because it’s too late. Big and beautiful. There are good views of the harbor. For most, the prettiest village we visited.


We will buy supplies for the voyage back to doing. What laziness go home.

We anchored in a cove with clear water very tranquil.la, next to the passage of Fornielli, step only advisable day, as there is little probe 3-4 meters and will go two leading lines to pass, see:

Sardegna – Velanomada

Eduard wanted to climb the mast, in the second spreader, with harness and caught two halyards.

What “shit”.

He has made very beautiful photos

Sardegna – Velanomada – Lloguer de Veler – Alquiler de velero

Sardegna – Velanomada – Lloguer de Veler – Alquiler de velero – Yacht Charter

At 15:00 o’clock we began the journey back, quiet ride with the wind ahead, we can not go sailing.

We return to throw the curry.

We nap, are tired.

We make the last Mojito.

We found no boats, no fish see for miles, we are alone in the middle of the vast Tues

We no longer see land.

Sardegna – Velanomada – Lloguer de Veler – Alquiler de velero – Yacht CharterLovely sunset

At night the sea is a bit bumpy.

Handed out at odd hours guards.


Sardegna – Velanomada – Lloguer de Veler – Alquiler de velero – Yacht CharterWe’ve seen the sun, awesome again

We continued headwind, we can not go sailing

We are a bit boring but a group of dolphins strikes us, there are many, are playful, follow us for a while, the bow is one that makes jumps back.

We no longer have to make mojitos, we have no beer, no wine, we have carded all, we drink Coca-Cola …

We ate the last provisions.

We distributed the guards again.


8:00 arrival at the port of Palamos, tired but very happy and satisfied.

Until next time!