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Duration: One to two weeks

Distance traveled: 370 miles

PALAMÓS-citadel-mao-citadel-fi aboard PALAMÓS fu fa.

From 19 to 30 August, 2002, we had the opportunity to do this wonderful route: the crossing from Palamos on the Costa Brava, to Menorca, the circles the island and return to Palamos; itinerary I recommend to those who do not yet done.

Monday August 19. Leaving Palamos to 14 h with 165 º heading. Someone had told us, speaking of the voyage to the islands, which took too long to lose sight of the shore completely. Well, leaving the port we have a fog so thick that at ten minutes and we lose sight of the shore completely. Touch to use the fog horn and alert. The sea is very calm. In a handful of miles, and the fog is gone and almost no wind. We see the full line of the horizon in its 360 º. No one else. Shortly before sunset we see some dolphins, and soon after the show’s setting sun.

The night is quiet, with a nearly full moon. The sea smooth and no wind. All is peace and placidity, broken only by the sound of the motor that rotates.

It makes day. Becomes the sun and dolphins. Four of the boldest we engage in the bow as if to guide the ship. It seems incredible that not touch them with the keel.

Finally we see a line of fine soil on the horizon: we are approaching Menorca. It’s nine fifty and already distinguished the first profiles of the island. We are only thirteen miles. We arrived at Ciutadella at 13 h of August 20. Unsuccessfully tried to find mooring. The alternative is abarloarse at the Yacht Club with other boats or provisionally abarloarse the fishing pier. Let the fishing pier where we fill the water tank and passed through the gas station to fill the fuel. Consumption has been about forty liters only, in almost twenty hours of journey.

We were recommended to go to Cala Santandría if we had difficulty finding place in the Port of Ciutadella. It is less than a mile south of Ciutadella, is a deep and sheltered cove almost all winds. You can anchor on a sandy, in four or five meters probe, tying the stern to shore. So we do, and we enjoyed a superb anchor.

At the end of the cove is a beach, hotel, supermarket, restaurant, and ability to go to Ciutadella by bus or taxi.

The next day we started back to the island. We started in the north coast, already knew a bit to get the day before. We doubled the Punta Nati, we passed the Cala Morell and we will anchor at the Cala Algaiarens.

In Cala Algaiarens open two beaches: the des des Tancats Bot and in a completely unspoilt stretch of coastline. Anchored on a sandy probe on six meters, right in the middle of the cove. We give a bath and eat.

In the afternoon drive to Fornells, where we stay overnight. The vexed coast north of the island is wonderful. We Cabo Cavalry, and by half past seven we Fornells.

We’re lucky and found the last free mooring in the small port floating walkway. In summer and Menorca, has to leave the policy of fait accompli. If you find a free mooring, and then we wonder ocúpalo. For dinner, an excellent stew at Restaurant Es Pla. I recommend it.

Morning of August 22. We left the Port of Addaia, our next stop. This stage is much shorter than that of Ciutadella to Fornells. At noon we anchored in Cala Pudent, where we are until midafternoon.

The entrance by boat in the Port of Addaia is something special. It’s like walking into a Norwegian fjord. The outer coast, hit by the strong north winds, almost no vegetation. As the arm of the sea into the interior, and the waters become more docile, the pine forest until it reaches the water line, and the feeling of being sheltered us again.

The marina is nearly full, but we have become specialists in finding the last free mooring. The alternative is equally good anchor inside the bay, with a few meters of probe, in calm seas and completely safeguarded.

In the port only a cafe, but a few hundred meters up the mountain, there are restaurants and a supermarket.

August 23 morning. The stage is expected to reach Mahon, making a stop at the Isla de Colom, but the beauty and tranquility of the latter place, makes us change our plans. We arrived at the island of Colom towards one o’clock and stayed there until eleven o’clock the next day. We anchored in front of a small cove on the northwest side of the island, near the islet des Pardals, on sand and seaweed.

Interestingly landed on this island where, besides the wonderful landscape, you can see a kind of black lizard very nice as there is on the island of the Air. Notably, the island is a protected area, and therefore we must take care not to disturb too.

The next day, now, we go to the island of Colom Mahon. So far the weather has been fantastic. But today has changed. It’s cloudy, the temperature has dropped and we have between 15 and 19 knots of wind from the east. The fu fa fi fable behaves and we Maó twenty minutes before falling a magnificent storm of thunder and lightning. We moored on a floating island called Isla Cristina. That’s all I’ve found. The Yacht Club, with its pier in front of restaurants and shops, is full. We take the day to visit Mao.

The next day, August 25th bad weather persists, so we rented a car and touring the island’s interior: Alaior, Sant Lluís, Son Ox.

On August 26 we left early willing to bend the Island Air, and start exploring the south coast. Once on the Island Air, the conditions compel us to pay close attention to navigation. The wind (South – South West) from 16 to 20 knots, has up to 24 points, and suddenly grounder. We left the island for the starboard side at a considerable distance. Once exceeded, we headed 290 and headed south coast. We visited the beautiful Cala de Biniparratx, and we sailed up Calas Coves, where we arrived at one o’clock. We anchor in six meter probe on a sandy and a place we moored stern to the rocks. The place is beautiful. The creek, in a “Y” is close. The high rock walls are full of prehistoric caves. We expected to find the cove very busy but we just have to share it with two boats. We are so good that we change plans, and finally in Cala Coves are nearly twenty-four hours. The next day already past noon we headed to Cala Santa Galdana.

The day dawns cloudy and storm clouds are in the center of the island The sea is calm and there is almost no wind. We took it easy. We passed the Cala En Porter, sentences of Alaior and Son Bou beach. Here the coast is much greener and less tortured than the northern slopes. They look up the pine forests near the beaches and coastal forms are much softer. At six p.m. anchored in Santa Galdana, after visiting Calas and Mitjana Trebaluger. Santa Galdana is probably the best anchorage on the south coast. It is wide and protected. The bottom is sand between nine and twelve feet probe. We will buy the supermarket and took advantage down to dinner at the Mirador Restaurant.

On the 28th it was donated to the last stage that closes our return to Menorca. We left and entered Santa Galdana Cala Cala Turqueta Macarella and therefore are extraordinarily beautiful. In the latter anchored to eat and to give us the last bath. The water color is a very bright blue. We rounded Cape Artrutx smoothly, and we are in Ciutadella afternoon. We fill the fuel tank, and we have to make a formal visit to the city, but not to expect before heading Manacor ferry that once clears the commercial dock, allowing pleasure boats being able to spend the night abarloar .

The next day, shortly before 10 o’clock in the morning drive to Palamos. We had storm warning in the Gulf of Lions, but at the time of leaving have given good weather forecast. The journey begins with 14 knots of Mistral. The fi fa fu moves quickly in such good condition, but only until noon. At one o’clock the wind drops to four knots. We continue towards engine and 345 º. The calm situation continues until 11 pm, when they land breeze 10 knots on the beam. We stopped the engine and enjoyed in the dark silence, punctuated by a wonderful starry sky. After a quiet journey, at nine in the morning of August 30, the fu fa fi enters the port of Palamos. In eleven days we have gone and returned from Menorca, completing the full circle to the island, and enjoy an extraordinary vacation.

Albert Mosella