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Duration: One week

Distance traveled: 320 miles

Palamós – Brégançon – Gulf of Lions – St. Tropez – Palamós

Tuesday September 23, 2003

The day has arrived as expected. It’s 10 am and we are all ready on the dock of the Port of Palamos to go out and do the Gulf of Lions. I’m excited. The well-known Gulf of Lions! Known among sailors Mistrales by how often they visit.

Well, the forecast is for Mistral wind force 6 in the morning and dropping to 4-5 in the afternoon and overnight. Everything gives the impression that the Gulf will honor its reputation.

We left shortly before midnight. We tramontana light, forcing us gird 64th due to the island of Porquerolles, 160 miles. We prepare for the first attack.

Within hours, the wind begins to roll to NW (Mestral) increasing its strength. Start the party. It’s noon and staying the course, the descuartelar trimamos candles. The boat is like a locomotive. Da 9 knots average with 10 and 11 points. Under a wind of 25-30 knots, with peaks of 35 knots and a sea movidita, we have already two reefs in the main and the genoa rolled pretty…

The afternoon was spent quarreling with the wheel to keep the boat on course. The situation is calm, but the wind is stretched. We begin to doubt the forecast. Someone suggested turning around because the sea is breathtaking. We have now entered fully into the Gulf. Finally, and despite everything, we decided to continue. All forecasts tell us that the wind must come down. Technique will trust meteorologists and the sailboat.

Enter the night fighting with the wheel to keep the boat under these conditions is constant, strong, unrelenting, yet makes you feel alive, in this present hard and wet we have chosen. They are intense moments that will definately a long memory.

Wednesday September 24, 2003

Early in the morning we noticed the wind and drop tangible and sea. Better, because we had our doubts.

From here the boat much more docile, is carried away from fable, although until now has stood as a JAVATO. We spent the morning cruising sailing across a sea dark brown as the wolf’s throat.

Around 2 already spotted the first fog of Provence. At 5 in the morning, tired, and with a force meteo NE 6-7 impending scheduled in our area, anchored at the first light of day Brégançon Bay. To sleep, which is now.

I get up at midmorning. Everyone sleeps. The boat is anchored in calm, the sea is flat as a mirror. No sound or a breath. I go out and I am ecstatic landscape around us. So far I had not seen since we entered with very little light. The area is as Palamós Castle Creek (undeveloped) but 10 or 20 times larger. There is a castle to the east of where we are anchored. A wooded waterfront green seamless surrounding the ship. We’ve really gone to a nice place.

After lunch we will inspect the coast with air as the NE already entered and we want to hold the course with a wind of 30 knots face.

This is paradise. We are only three ships and a racing trimaran moored in a great bay, enclosed by a sandy beach and a dense pine forest background. We see that it is necessary to enter with caution as this is full of low rocky, especially in the west and north wind.

The sunset … how shall I say … do not know. An immaculate sky gives us a sunset slow, slow and beautiful. The NE wind and going down. We prepare the exit to St. Tropez.

Thursday September 25, 2003

At 5 am touched target. We got up and we weighed anchor in the quiet night. Out led by Bénat Cap lighthouse and then the Cap Camarat.

We sail sailing. The day is slowly rising and slowly the islands of Port Cros and Levant are left by the starboard quarter. The morning is sunny and calm. There are sea, but very little wind. Just entering the engine bay of St. Tropez. The scenery is beautiful, we are in the French Riviera. They look after dawn a towering masts breakwater protecting the St. Tropez. We will go to see them. We passed the mouth of Port Grimaud at 10 am. We have arrived.

Friday 10 October 2003

After a few days (several days) holiday, wind, windy, and new friends, to 5 am outta Port Grimaud moorings and left to go home. No daylight and sleep with it. Nice weather, a little west sea that comes forward but little wind. Let’s sail – motor.

Without realizing it, and by day, we are back in the hands of the Gulf of Lion, this time, however we are presented meek.

The hours go by easily, one guard after another without further novelty that the stories we explain each other.

The sunset catches us within 75 miles of the coast. The sun is hiding behind the horizon lit within its thousand-tinged sky orange hues. On the starboard bow clearly see the Canigou mountain, our Canigó. The sea view from its summit is wanting both brought us here. And from the sea, the peaks of Canigou are the logical, orderly, perfect of its immensity. Would that our lives follow paths of peace that has given us this sky and this sea complacent. The moon comes to see us as soon as the sun says goodbye. The boat, sailing endlessly, as the universe. Nobody said anything for a long while. You did not say anything.

Saturday 11 October 2003

At dawn, sighting under a full moon night the lights of the Costa Brava, known and shared many nights after we entered Palamós. We tied full of experiences, and with the memory of the Gulf of Lions in the pocket. The Gulf now also be a bit ours.

Quim Gispert