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Duration: 8-10 hours
Distance traveled: 20 miles

Today we enjoyed a different day, a day of sea, sun and wind.
We’ve done taking the reins (what connoisseurs call sheets matter) of a magnificent sailing through one of the most beautiful areas of our coast.
Early morning breakfast at the bar of the fishermen, or Casa del Mar, Palamos. A good breakfast of bread with tomato and sausage. With full stomachs we will find the Nomad Sailing friends. The day promises we northerly breeze, ‘tramontaneta’, and the sea is calm. The sun begins to warm a cool spring morning.
After introductions to those who will be our companions for a day voyage, Sailing Nomad people we explained the features, elements and basic maneuvers the boat.
In a flash we are crossing the mouth of the harbor, sea towards the horizon. We’re joined for a few minutes a couple of playful seagulls, they do not know if landing on the dinghy we bring, or plunge into the sea.
It’s time to set sail. With the engine still running, first hoisted the biggest bow with the wind, and then the genoa when we are heading.
We sailed upwind, turning now toward the rising sun turning the sky from bright yellow, far inland, where the horizon kissing pine reaches the sea.


Ascend the wind. We see the cove Fosca, S’Alguer and Castell. We entered this last creek, green and romantic. A place I have not yet met our hand cosmopolitan. We went to see it up close, turning in the center of its small bay. We note come here by land: the boss says that there is a walkway that goes where we embarked, and arrives here in just over an hour. We already have plans for tomorrow.
We climb through the islands coast Ants, this set of islands is only a sticking rocky with a small lighthouse on top.
Past Plans Cape see Calella, a seaside town that is where we are white, neat, with its arcaded houses by the sea and the church on these old houses.
Above, sailing, we reached Cape San Sebastian, northern spotted where the majestic Cape of Begur, gray and lonely.
San Sebastian last we left off, heading for the open sea. The wind has increased and notes. They say the wind rises with the sun, and the waves, the wind … Gird, heeling the boat and ride the waves.
The pattern gives us a striking landscape: the Cabo de Creus, blue in the distance as a backdrop, and the Medes Islands landscape breaking his bare gray. The required pictures and veered toward the cove where we will anchor Aiguablava, but not before receiving a series of small saltwater spray water, the result of three waves braver than the others.

We’ve all taken the helm, and now my turn threading Aiguablava entry.
We anchored, and life slowly returns to normal. We prepare the food, take the sun, read, someone dives into the sea, eat, a coffee and a stroll along the beach. Time passes easily.
Aiguablava collection is a cove, very nice with fanciful rock formations. The houses of holidaymakers are sufficiently hidden among the pines. Towards tramontana is Fornells, a small port.
Comes time to weigh anchor, we prepare for the return shipping. Arranchamos the boat and out of the cove with candles in the wind.
Now with the wind aft, navigation is very different from the morning. The boat does not heel and the sensation of speed is not as pronounced. On the ship Queen a warm summer.
After landscapes known rediscover a few hours, turn to the difficulties of a life probably too busy, but with the satisfaction of having participated in a meaningful and different experience, enriching with new friends and maybe meet again some other day.

Cape of Begur 10 miles
Aiguablava + 2 miles
Palamós + 8 miles